Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday: Clarisonic Mia in Berry

Clarisonic Mia in Berry (Sephora Exclusive)
I've had my eye on Clarisonics for a while and I've finally made my decision on which one I want for my upcoming birthday (October 23rd)! The one I am most likely to purchase on my next trip to Sephora is the Clarisonic Mia in Berry. I've heard a lot of reviews about the Clarisonic Mias compared to the regular Clarisonics, the most common opinion being that the Mias fit better in your hand than the regular ones. Not to mention the fact that the Mias also come in so many beautiful shades! I was originally torn between the Lavender, Garnet, Berry, and Poppy Red, the latter of which is only offered on A review will come soon once I have this wonderful contraption in my posession!

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